Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is telling a story combining multi-modal media, such as music, images, voice narration, text, and motion. The outcomes are endless. The students will be engaged! When I was young storytelling was written on lined paper and a drawn picture, which means it was limiting to creativity because I cannot draw. Kids now have unlimited access, whether they realize it or not. As a use in education, the students will just adapt the way they are currently using social media to a more formal format with a finished product. They are doing it anyway…why not use digital storytelling for learning.

A Very Poetic Day

BP4 is rhetorical analysis of multimodal texts to begin my exploration.

BP5 is the beginning of observing technology in a fourth grade classroom.

BP6 is my digital story storyboard, in progress. Let me know what you think.

BP7 is my tool to use to assess digital stories.