DC1: Technology Effects

When I think children, of all ages, and technology, I think of how quickly they are able to explore different technologies and figure how to use it, make it work, complete the task, and learn from the technology, be it enhancing knowledge or skills. My daughter was typing on a keyboard at age 3 using finger typing she learned from a game. The effects of technology for her will benefit her for the rest of her life so she will be efficiently able to off-load information more quickly than others who have not gained that skill.

According to an article, Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of, and Through Technology, by Gavriel Salomon and David Perkins, learning with the use of technologies, as in today’s education systems, have effects with technology, of technology, and through technology that can enhance cognitive capabilities. Through my observations I will explain these effects from Salomon and Perkins. These technology effects are not always independent of one another in learning.

Effects With technology is learning by students that will emerge quickly through the use of technology and enhance or amplify cognitive capabilities. The fourth grade students use Chromebooks daily, which they have learned to log into, search for the correct information needed, and open assignments through accessible software afforded by the school. The main connection is Google classroom that students must open to see daily work assigned by the teacher. The Chromebooks and software used are merely the tools needed to proceed into further cognitive explorations; reading, math, vocabulary, or social studies and science. Using the computers daily has enhance students’ cognition by being skilled at accessibility. They are advanced in technology use learning when compared to past generations, even their teachers sometimes. They can hack into one website to obtain access into another which has been blocked.

Effects Of technology is the residual effects without the technology that is due to substantial experience with it (Salomon, Perkins, 2005). These effects are learning that is accomplished even after the technologies have been removed such as the acquisition of a new skill. Fourth grade students watched videos on subject area topics to enhance their social studies unit in the morning as they came to school. The information will still be fresh in their minds when the teacher asks questions later in the day. She can use the video for further cognitive thinking of the topic.

Effects Through Technology is learning that comes gradually over long term which is reorganizing into a new way to accomplish a task. I think the fourth graders learning how to create a presentation and actually present their knowledge may be considered. The students learn to use Google Slides to create a cohesive slideshow for presenting their topic to students and sometimes to other classes in the school. This method of presenting information is easy and age level appropriate but the students will learn better methods as they continue through their education for years. They may even find that this platform isn’t the best one for their presentations as they cognitively explore what works best and which software has which needed capabilities.


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