BP8: Field Observations-Classroom Technologies

Technology Contribute to Learning Undermines Learning
Chromebooks X
Unknown amount of knowledge at your fingertips, easy to assign differentiated assignments without students feeling different, learning while doing technology
Attention of students not always focused on teacher or current lesson or work, sneaking on other websites, playing games not at right times. May affect eyesight long-term-screens are so small.
Google Classroom X
Gives students access to  each classes assignments, organized
Off-loading remembering what needs to be done, responsibility
3D Printer X
New way to create
Document Camera X
Puts lesson material in larger format to learn as a whole class
SmartBoard X
Allows whole class lesson focus, use materials that are online that students may not otherwise have access to, enhance lesson to engage learners, watch content videos to obtain more background knowledge on topic
Google Drive X
Keeps their work organized and at their fingertips for referral or retrieval purposes
Not physically writing, could hinder fine motor skills, spelling skills
Quizlet X
Practicing skills or knowledge
Headphones X
Allows students to focus on independent learning
Reading Wonders X
Access to reading lessons, stories, assessments, students get feedback immediately, lessons are differentiated
Not holding a book, not always focus while reading on a computer with ability to scroll through it.
Pearson Realize Math X
Did not observe in 4th but I see Math is not easily accessible to help
Moby Max X
Content skills & knowledge practice
Ability to skip and accept a zero
AIR test prep X
Content skills & knowledge practice, can discuss & learn during process
X Lack of focus
Chromebook camera X
Students can take pictures of work to submit, projects to showcase in e-format, record videos for learning by doing or teaching others

Field Observations: Access to Multimedia Technology


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