BP8: Field Observations-Access to Multimedia Technology

Fourth graders in Chardon have access to their own Chromebooks daily but they are kept in school in a locked charging station each night. The Chromebooks became part of the school district 2 years ago and are said to last for 2 more years. Due to the fact that the elementary students are not allowed to take them home, I am positive theirs will last 2 more years, unlike the middle school Chromebooks. They are required to have a case but think it’s indestructible and continue to throw them on their desk, floor, and top of lockers daily. There is a technology coordinator in the building and a team of a few IT personnel in the district. Teachers would first go to the building tech coordinator for help with computers, SmartBoards, and projectors. If the problems persist the teachers can put in a computerized work ticket to the district to send someone to troubleshoot and fix. The IT staff is usually there within hours of the ticket being put in.

Chardon has chosen to block Netflix, YOU Tube, and of course inappropriate websites. There is a filter that is used called iBoss that shows up onscreen if you try to access any of those sites. The teachers have an opportunity to bypass the block by requesting access to a particular site if it shows as a questionable site such as a game site or informational text. Videos from YOU Tube can be downloaded by teachers on an individual basis and then uploaded to Google Classroom on the Chromebooks for the students to have access. Most of the time the teachers choose the show it whole class on their SmartBoards to save time.

Field Observation: Classroom Technologies 


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