BP4: Rhetorical Analysis of Multimodal Texts

My first multimodal text is a video about the life cycle of a green bean plant. The author seems to be a teacher for the intended audience of this text, his students, young learners, since the text complexity is low as such for a first or second grader. The purpose is most likely academic for use with a lesson on plant life cycles in science. It shows different beans in different countries to extend the learning into other cultures and ends with a thought provoking statement to lead to a discussion. The genre is a YouTube video posted for all audiences with no exceptions or boundaries. The context is a sample multimodal text posted. The design of this video is visually pleasing because it has no spoken text but music playing to keep you connected while images are changing and written text comes into  goes out of each image with explanations of the image. It is organized in a sequential order from a seed to full plant to food on the plate, which helps understand the relationship of each image to the next and the full story. The images are somewhat centered with mostly contrasting color written text, but there are a few images with colors that clash and are hard to read because of color choice. One dynamic design choice is a black background with white letters used for transitions or for important thought provoking questions or statements.

The next review is for Girl Scouts, the national webpage. The author is GSUSA, which could be male or female, but the most intended audience is girls and women who are members or who may have been a previous member, or may become a member. This is a website with access from any Girl Scout council webpage or by the general search Girl Scouts. The design is very colorful and of course, has cookies as a main focus and where to find them. The have organized the top banner to have a search engine using a zip code to find out where to buy their famous cookies. There is a scrolling banner to click on for more information about 4 topics to explore the website and the world of Girl Scouts according to GSUSA. It is organized at the bottom of this main page into large blocks of color, 6 of them equally divided into the rule of thirds, with large titles of white text contrasting to show clearly different places where one can learn about Girl Scouts. The color boxes are opaque so that behind each color there is a picture of Girl Scouts doing something that relates to each topic. With the scrolling topic pictures going from right to left it is very horizontally aligned which keeps your eyes reading left to right. The 2 menus at the top are very small because they are not presented as the focal point for exploring the site to learn about their “product.”

My last text is The White House website. This website is attractive due to the colors used, the red, white, and blue. The main picture with the focus to the left is the president being sworn in while his wife holds the bible, and a large somewhat opaque red with white letters text box on the right. The purpose is to invite America to follow the new presidency and the author is whomever he pays to create this page with his approval. The large print is the focus showing what this page stands for currently, if you believe in that. The small menus at the top frame to photo, which is seemingly being enjoyed by some. The bottom of the page lists the menu items to explore with subtopics listed in an unimportant small font and all in close proximity to each other making it too packed with information. Clearly the White House wants supporters because the emphasis is the middle of the page there is an email signup to receive updates.


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