BP3: Mobile Learning-My app


Smooth Transitions is my app I created because my 7th grade students have trouble picking them out of a paragraph. I hope they will check this out to help with their next test. I was co-teaching in a language arts class and for the entire first half of the year the students were learning about transitions, learning to use them in their writing and picking them out of other’s writing.

I would definitely use this app in my lessons as a review. The students have a Chromebook which would allow them access to the app both in school and out. I could use the Rags to Riches game as a class competition because it is showing mastery of skill. The students must read carefully to decide what the transition words mean and choose the correct answer. Each question is worth so much money and the value gets higher after each correct answer. If you answer incorrectly you lose immediately. It becomes addicting very quickly because there’s nothing to lose if you play over and over again; only mastery of transition ideas if you keep winning. Gotta love that!

The app includes a few infographics that could be helpful for writing. I think the students could use that as a reference tool because they really don’t understand to just search on the internet for ideas. I think they believe you have to know what you’re looking for.

There were several videos available for transition words, but I just tried to find one that would get them talking and was entertaining. I’m pretty sure this guy fits the bill. I could see this Tik Tok parody becoming embedded in our day at school. It’s so bad it’s funny. I love the repetitiveness of the lyrics which are transition words.

Overall, I had trouble trying to fit images in the right place and getting the pages exactly in the right order with the right order of information. It took time but I think there’s a learning curve to anything you create from scratch.



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