Video Gaming Part 3

I’m finishing my exploration of video games and I learned how much video games can teach us, but I still appreciate educational ones best as a teacher and parent. I happened to read an article by Jordan Shapiro that explains why we need video games in even young children’s lives for learning. The article explains that using the digital tools should be appropriate for the age level but is necessary to address higher level of competencies including developing vocabulary and understanding words in a narrative (Shapiro  2014). The article occupies the thought that using games as a way to just give parents a break is not allowing the kids to increase their knowledge and skills. Games should be carefully chosen for value that has attributes of a valuable resource such as an app that allows you to interact with your child during a game while not with your child. Games and apps are not perfect, but can be an effective tool to engage in meaningful learning experiences. Parents and teachers need to choose wisely, and please don’t replace books!

Shapiro, J. “Screen Time That’s Valuable For Young KidsMindshift, Aug 2014. Accessed Jan 30, 2017.



2 thoughts on “Video Gaming Part 3

  1. I love that you said “please don’t replace books” but strongly encouraged the use of video games for educational purposes! It’s definitely true if you think about it, as educators, technology is advancing and we need to be aware that students should learn from books and other resources involving technology.

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    1. Well, I like the video games but they shouldn’t replace books altogether. In my Integrated Language arts class we just got an article to read called “Why Reading on a Screen is Bad for Critical Thinking”


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